Insect Control Products

Sticky/Adhesive Insect Roll Trap 15cmx100m (Made in Korea)


Yellow sticky/adhesive insect trap 15cm x 100m roll. 

Pesticide-free, non-toxic. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage, sticky traps comes in individual boards or roll form. They serve both as a monitoring and traps purposes. Good for trapping migratory pests, preventing onset of pest infestation. It is also used in place of pesticide to counter pesticide resistance.

  • Environmental-friendly product.
  • Specific yellow color wave length attracts insects like whiteflies, aphids, leaf miners etc.
  • Double sided sticky surface.
  • Indoor/Outdoor usage

Light curative is  1 roll  for 1000m² and heavy curaitive is 1 roll is 500m².

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