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About Us

SPM Global is the world’s 1st pest management supplier dedicated to minimising chemical treatment and reducing the environmental impact of professional pest management activities.

We provide a range of pest management products and technologies aimed at the professional user. As the range of active ingredients in common usage today declines, either through growing resistance in the target species, regulation or excluded through customer preference the options for PCO’s and effective pest management are reduced. SPM Global brings sustainable products that use less chemicals; or in many cases no chemicals, to the market to address these challenges and this is our sustainability pledge to our clients and their customers.

Our focus on products with a low environmental impact allows the pest management professional to implement Integrated pest management solutions in a more sustainable way. SPM Global supply a range of branded products that are developed by pest management professionals and sourced globally to bring the latest products to the professional user. Already a leading supplier of Bird Control products, we have a growing range of non chemical pest management systems, technologies and products being added to our range all the time. To view our product pages click here.

In addition to supplying professional products we also specialise in helping product developers and innovators bring their ideas and products to a worldwide market. Our global span, manufacturing and developing resources and supply chain facilities allow us to work with innovators in cast effective and professional manner. For more details of how we can help you bring your ideas to the market click here.

Do you Have inquirieS?

Send your inquiry to our email at iman.nassir@spmglobal.co or call us at our number at +65 6741 6333.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to create a range of sustainable products and technologies that allows the professional pest control operative to deliver his service with a lower environmental impact than previously possible.”

Why should we embrace sustainability?

Sustainability is one of the latest buzz words in business today. As well as being often overused it means many different things depending on your industry, sector and viewpoint. Here at SPM Global our definition of sustainability is that it is the process of protecting your business from the risks of today, and ensuring that your business can respond to the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. In a market place that is seeing increasing regulation of chemical solutions and a customer preference that is moving towards chemical free solutions we believe that using our range of products and technologies will reduce the environmental impact of your activities today whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing your business to leave it better placed for tomorrows challenges.

Our Objectives

  • Create and manage a true global supply chain for the pest management industry.
  • Offer pest management products that either do not use chemicals or help reduce the amount of chemicals used by current competitor products.
  • Co-ordinate the sourcing, licensing and development of new and novel products and technologies.

SPM Europe

Zbyněk Tětek – Sales Manager

A relative newcomer to the pest management industry.

My job is to ensure that we get the right products in our range and in our warehouse. My long experience in product design and development means that we are able to manufacture and source products from the right places to bring innovative items at affordable prices to our customers

Phone: +420 725 872 432
Email: zbynek.tetek@spmglobal.co


Quek Cher Ping – Director

As Director of SPM Global, Mr Quek brings his technical and business skills to the team to coordinate the development of new products and the business growth. With a technical education from Manchester UK, and an MBA from Singapore he has not just a technical/commercial perspective on business but an Asian/European perspective on business culture and market expectations too.

Phone: +65 6741 6333
Email: cherping.quek@siangmay.com

Allan Goh – Manager

Managing SPM Asia is the task taken up by Mr Allan Goh, based in Singapore. He has more than 30 years experience in trading & product sourcing. He works closely with product manufacturers and suppliers of latest pest control products in the market.

Phone: +65 9741 2225 
Email: allan.goh@spmglobal.co

Iman Khan – Sales Engineer

Iman overlooks the marketing of SPM products within Asia. Customers will call him to understand the technical details and installation methods of each product. Being a bird control and product specialist, he has conducted numerous talks and trainings throughout Asia to several PCOs, town councils, government agencies, building & facility managements etc.

Phone: +65 9109 6064
Email: iman.nassir@spmglobal.co