Insect Control Products

Sticky/Adhesive Insect Card Trap 22cmx30cm. 50 pieces in one box. (Made in Korea)


Made in Korea yellow sticky/adhesive insect card trap 22cm x 30cm. In box of 50 pieces. Comes with wire tie for ease of installation.  Grid marking enable easier counting of insect captured for data collection.

Pesticide-free, non-toxic. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage, sticky traps comes in individual boards or roll form. They serve both as a monitoring and traps purposes. Good for trapping migratory pests, preventing onset of pest infestation. It is also used in place of pesticide to counter pesticide resistance.

- Specific color wave length attracts Insects
Yellow color for whitefly, Aphids, Leaf miners,  
- Outstanding capturing effect as well as Surveillance (Capturing & Monitoring)
- Waterproof coated paper
- Environmental-friendly product
- Cost-effective pest control method

- The sticky traps are hung 10cm above the crop surface or place parallel with the crop rows
- In crops with a low canopy, traps are supported by canes or wire holders a maximum of 30cm above the crop
- Sticky traps are positioned in the areas with the highest risk of infestation such as doors, near ventilation,

- For Monitoring: 5 traps per 1000M2
- For Controlling: 1 traps per 2m2 ~ 1 trap per 20 m2

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