Insect Control

Bed Bug Barrier – Screw-in Leg Cap


Product description:
A small discreet and easy to fit screw-in barrier cap to prevent and trap bed bugs migrating from floor to bed.

Key product features:

  • A cost-effective solution to stop and trap bed bugs moving from floor to bed and monitor activity levels.
  • Easy to install and inspect and totally discreet for use in all public areas.
  • Completely chemical free for public and environmental safety.
  • Ideal for us in high people-turnover rooms in hotels, hostels, holiday apartments, colleges, cruise ships, hospital and military bases.
  • Fit once for a permanent barrier – never needs replacing.
  • Complements and supports other barrier products such as mattress protectors
  • Recommended for use with Diatemaceous Earth to safely kill trapped bed bugs.

Pack size: 100 units per case
Minimum order quantity: 1 case

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